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By Estate of Alden Nowlan

Czeslaw Milosz once wrote of another great twentieth-century Polish poet, Wislawa Szymborska: Poetry that speaks to the enduring and irreversible coordinates of human fate — love, striving, fear of pain, hope, the fleeting nature of things, and death — leads us to believe that the poet is one of us, and shares in that fate. The same could be said about one of Canada’s most distinctive and beloved poets, Alden Nowlan. He once wrote of a desire to leave behind “one poem, one story / that will tell what it was like / to be alive (Another Poem). Many times he did just that, with candour and subtlety, emotion and humour, sympathy and truth-telling. Only now is the true range of Nowlan’s poetic achievement finally available between two covers. Collected Poems offers in one volume all his poems previously published in three early chapbooks, eight full-length collections, new and selected compilations, and the script of a long poem for voices.

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