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INSIDE OUT: Chronicles of a Rock & Roll CEO

Did you ever dream of playing rock and roll, but decided to get a ‘real’ job instead? Mark Holden managed to live his dream and stamp his signature as a CEO in the high-tech media world.

In this fresh, amusing, and inspirational autobiography, Mark Holden shines the light on the power of reinvention and provides an intriguing account of a variegated life as an award-winning rock musician, international recording artist, film and television sound producer, CEO for cutting-edge technology companies, fashion designer, and serial entrepreneur. From his work in the digital media industry to raising venture capital and managing Silicon Valley start-ups, Holden creates a picture of how the creative fundamentals of music, art, and business reflect the process of creating a meaningful life.

We all dream of living a rewarding and meaningful life. The challenge is learning to recognize what is meaningful to us, and having the courage to make it happen. If you have ever struggled with doubts about the life you are living or the path you have chosen, you will find inspiration in this personal tale of how to remain true to your vision and your values regardless of the slings and arrows that might confront you.

  • ISBN-10: 978-0-9952797-1-1
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-9952797-0-4

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