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By Candace Cox

"Living Daily: Alexander Technique for Parkinson's Disease" is a handbook designed to assist those with Parkinson's Disease and their partners. It includes information about Alexander Technique, how working with Alexander Technique can help the daily function of those with Parkinson's, and a number of photos, illustrations, and exercises that readers can use in their own day-to-day life. A cutting-edge eBook will also include embedded video.

I have watched Alexander Technique make a visible difference to people with Parkinson’s Disease for over ten years now. In some cases, the improvements are extraordinary (click here to see CBC coverage of AT for PD!). When Alexander Technique students with PD visit their neurologists, they are routinely told: “you don’t look like you should”. Alexander Technique is not a cure, but it provides a way to preserve or recover the ability to function in normal daily living.

This book has been previewed, researched and discussed with people from across the spectrum of folks whose lives are touched by Parkinson’s Disease, from doctors and care-givers to other teachers and most importantly, with patients. It is a resource to help support their learning, and it is the product of 20 years of experimenting with how Alexander Technique can be adapted to make a difference for people with chronic illness.

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