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By Philippe Tortell, Mark Turin, Margot Young, Serge Abiteboul, Jo-Ann Archibald | Q'um Q'um Xiiem, George Belliveau, Edouard Bard, Daniel M. Bernstein, Sabine Bitter, Lara Boyd, Kalina Christoff, Roland Clift, Deborah A. Connolly, Wade Davis, Anthony Farrell, Elee Kraljii Gardiner, Megan E. Giroux, John Grace, Sherrill Grace, Judith G. Hall, Gwyneira Isaac, Michelle LeBaron, Nicola Levell, Diana Marsh, Andrew Martindale, Renisa Mawani, Tara Mayer, Caitlin Mills, Cynthia E. Milton, Laura Osorio Sunnucks, Alison Phinney, Paulette Regan, Harvey Richer, Patricia M. Schulte, Sara Shneiderman, Hanna Smyth, Pheroze Unwalla, Shannon Walsh, Lawrence M. Ward, Hilistis Pauline Waterfall, Helmut Weber, Janet F. Werker, Ian Williams

November 11, 2018, is the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, a time of remembering and memorial, of linking past events to the world we live in today. Taking this particular moment as a catalyst, this book examines the character and relevance of memory more broadly. The essays in this collection ask readers to think creatively and deeply about notions of memory – its composition and practices – and the ways that memory is transmitted, recorded, and distorted through time and space. Memory navigates a broad terrain, with essays drawn from a diverse group of contributors who capture different perspectives on the idea of memory in fields ranging from molecular genetics, astrophysics and engineering, to law, Indigenous oral histories, and the natural world. This book challenges readers to think critically about memory, offering an engaging and interdisciplinary roadmap for exploring how, why, and when we remember. Accessibly written, these lively essays will appeal to intellectually curious members of the public.

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